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Welcome to the official blog for CatnipClan.
The following is a list of FAQs. Please read them before asking a question. It may already be listed.

Who are/is CatnipClan?
CatnipClan was started by Leopardstar, Bramblefur, and Brightclaw, along with a few others. They live in twolegplace, but plan to live in the forest one day.

What was CatnipClan's original name?
ScotiaClan. But it sounded too much like something twolegs would say, so we changed it.

Who does the blogging?
Usually Leopardstar does, but sometimes it's Brightclaw.

What is Leopardstar's past?
In a nutshell, she used to be in ShadowClan...but then she met a ThunderClan cat named Foxpaw. Read more about her past here.
Who is the deputy?
Brightclaw is deputy right now.

Was there another deputy before Brightclaw?
Angelfur used to be deputy.

Who is the medicine cat?
Bramblefur is the medicine cat.

Just curious...how old is Bramblefur?
She's 10 years old, but is ready to serve as medicine cat.

Shouldn't Bramblefur be an elder by now?
Bramblefur plans to be a medicine cat for as long as possible.

Does Bramblefur have a mate and/or kits?
Bramblefur has a mate named Thorntooth, who is in TigerClan.
Bramblefur cannot have kits, but has raised kits as her own.

Who are these kits Bramblefur raised?
Sliverpaw, Marshkit, and Rushkit.

Has she told them the truth?
She's told Sliverpaw the truth. But Marshkit and Rushkit are too young to understand yet.

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